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Create More Storage Space

Creating more storage space is certainly an integral part of house cleaning. When you are living in a small house behind the door storage is very necessary. You should know the various strategies that are associated with creating more storage in a small house.

Storage Ideas for Behind the Door

If your apartment or home is small, then storage space could be a significant issue, and the solutions are at times very expensive especially if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Most homes though have a few doors that can be transformed into storage space with the right products in place.


This is the most popular use of storage ideas since most people have seen organizers who use pockets to store different things behind the door. This idea is quite popular for shoe storage, organizing your accessories in the bedroom, storing hand towels and washcloths in the bathroom. Pockets are made of functional and durable plastic; therefore, you can easily access and see what you store in them.


Some home organizers offer behind the door shelving options because they act as great additional storage for the pantry area or kitchen. It is a perfect way to store accessories in the bedroom and with handy shelves where you can store a variety of other smaller items.
Doors are an exceptional place to store things that would clutter up the counter-tops, dresser, or home office desks. Shelving might not be suitable for items, such as breakable or heavy items, and it is primarily designed for kitchen use.

Do it yourself (DIY)

 You do not have to buy pre-manufactured storage designs to use behind the door. Some of the most practical  ideas that work best for you are those that you can build all by yourself. This option consumes less time and  is much cheaper in the end. There are varieties of home improvement stores and websites that offer classes  on do it yourself ideas for behind-the-door storage.
DIY options is a bit tricky for those individuals who have very little or no experience in building. You can,  therefore, combine pockets with shelves and add some personalized touches like trim or paint to get creative  DIY solution for behind the door storage.…

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